3 months financing 160 million, the owner of the state refers to the energy IoT industry standard?

On May 2, it was learned from the owner of the State (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. that after completing the A round of financing at the end of January, it completed the A+ round of financing again. This financing was jointly led by Lancome Capital and Plain Capital, with a financing amount of RMB 110 million. Yunyue Capital acted as financial advisor.

The efficient completion of this financing means that the company’s business model is highly recognized by the capital market. It is understood that the owner of the car was founded in May 2016, providing a complete energy solution for commercial vehicles, and is an open platform for domestic energy Internet of Things.

Single-month sales amounted to hundreds of millions, creating multiple industries against the trend, now and in the future

According to the new data released by the car owners, from the scale, the car owner is already industry.

In terms of charging service, 150,000 charging piles have been connected, accounting for 65% of the total number of public charging piles, covering more than 500 cities. Establish strategic partnerships with new energy vehicle operators and charging operators such as Xingying New Energy, United Electric, Good Easy Charge, Wanma New Energy, Green Pile Technology, Fudian New Energy, Changda, Shougang New Energy.

From the refueling service, 33 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Dalian and Shenyang have been opened. . There are more than 3,000 brand gas stations signed and cooperated, including many well-known brands, such as Shell, Sinochem, Daqiao Petrochemical, Zhongcheng Chain, Zhongyuan Chain, Zhongtu Energy, Zhongneng Petrochemical, and Jixing Petroleum.

Figure: Car owners provide fuel, charging, and natural gas networks across the country

In terms of downstream commercial vehicles, according to public information, the number of commercial vehicles covered by car owners exceeds 10 million, exceeding 50% of the total number of commercial vehicles in the city, serving China’s Top100 mainstream commercial vehicle platform.

In terms of network car, we have deep cooperation with Shenzhou special car, Shouqi car, easy to get, and travel. In terms of urban distribution, with 58 speed, cargo pull, cloud bird, 1 Signing cooperation with the same goods and the same city goods; the OEM, has signed cooperation with the automakers such as Beiqi Foton, SAIC, and Guangzhou Automobile;

Third-party service providers, with Easy Car, Kay LiDE , truck house, car Dangdang, Jingzheng estimation, snail used car, Zhijia travel, Dina car network and other platforms signed cooperation; financial service providers, and Asia Factoring, Zhongshunyi, Huaxia Bank, continuous payment, China Securities Co., Ltd. signed cooperation.

For investors, what is fancy is the possibility of more future. And now, these are actually the foundations of the future blueprint.

In a nutshell, the data of these industries, in addition to representing the status of the unicorn in the industry, can also be seen from the side of the car owners to create this energy ecological chain.

Wang Mu, the founder of Blue Dragon Capital, who participated in the two-round investment of the owner of the car, said: “In the commercial company I have seen, the car owner is an industry monopoly company. . I have never seen such a & ldquo; mad team & rsquo;, can achieve the blown cattle one by one, this is the embodiment of innovation control and realization, this company’s landscape is far more than you and I imagine.

Photo: Dai Zhen, the founder of the car owner,

Sharing, energy IoT EN-IOT blueprint landing

At the end of January 2018, the car owner completed the A round of financing, which was jointly led by Zhonghao Group, Racing Capital and Lancome Capital. It is 50 million yuan. This is the first investment in the Internet + energy industry in 2018.

In April 2018, after three months, the owner of the car completed the A+ round of financing. The amount of this financing is 110 million yuan, and plain capital and A-round investor Lancome Capital jointly lead the investment. Plain Capital is a well-known domestic investment institution with headquarters in Shenzhen and an asset management scale of over 10 billion.

Behind these two rounds of tight-funded financing, what is the layout of the car owners?

For the purpose of this financing, Dai Zhen, the founder of the car owner, gave a clear answer. He said: This round of financing will be used for urban expansion, as well as promoting the implementation of the EN-IOT standard for energy and Internet of things, launching a time-sharing lease for electric commercial vehicles, and providing one-stop rental, charging, maintenance and other services for commercial vehicle platforms or individuals. Service. The ideal end is to complete the energy Internet infrastructure and vehicle sharing platform.

If you summarize it in one sentence, it is —— smart energy, let the car, gas station, charging pile, natural gas station automatically connect.

Lu Pengyu, vice president of Capital Investment, said that when he talked about the reasons for investing in the state of the car owner, he said: “Car owners have cut into the energy Internet of Things with fueling, charging and new energy vehicles, and they are already in the industry. I hope to succeed in inciting this trillion-level market. Moreover, Plain Capital has been deploying the entire industrial chain in the new energy industry chain, and the car owners will have a good synergy with the simple new energy vehicle operation projects.

Figure: Car owner electric: new energy commercial vehicle sharing operation service platform

Energy industry “Popular comment, car owners have launched overseas listing plan

Car owners state their own business model to —— upgrade quality version of the energy industry public comment, Ctrip.

Statistics show that the industry is emptyThe huge number of commercial vehicles in China is as high as 30 million. While the energy cost of commercial vehicles is high, the competition of gas stations is fierce, and the overall utilization rate of charging piles is less than 15%. Faced with these pain points, behind the 30 million commercial vehicles, the hidden commercial energy market scale exceeds one trillion.

And the owner of the car has proposed their solution for these pain points —— by building a platform, the parties are united so that commercial vehicles can be centrally procured, receive discounts, and achieve technical and financial Get through.

From trying to solve the problem of high fuel cost in the logistics industry, to building a centralized procurement platform for commercial vehicles, and now to enter the energy big data and energy blockchain, and prepare to build an energy ecological chain. The car owner has achieved a business model again and again.

The owner of the car is building an energy ecosystem based on the energy Internet of Things. Based on the current data, business model and team execution capabilities of the owner, the shareholders’ meeting has launched the Hong Kong listing plan. The owner of the A-round investor, Zhonghao Group, owns the brokerage platform Zhonghao Securities. They believe that the theme of the energy Internet of Things is the direction of listed companies that will be introduced in the future by A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and even US stocks.

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