2013 national brand value ranking: US and China ranked first 2 South Korea 16th

Original title: 2013 national brand value ranking: US and China ranked first in South Korea 16th

China Net February 11th according to South Korea’s “Korean Daily” website 2 On the 10th of the month, the British brand evaluation market research agency Brand Finance released the “2013 National Brand Annual Report” on the 10th local time. The report shows that the national brand value of South Korea is 775 billion US dollars (about 833.5125 trillion won), an increase of 7% compared with 2012, ranking 16th in the world.

South Korea ranked 17th in the world in 2012, but in addition, since the release of National Brand Value Evaluation results in 2010, Korea has maintained its 16th place in the world.

In addition, the US national brand value ranked first in the world ($17.990 trillion), China ($6.109 trillion), Germany ($4.200 trillion), the United Kingdom ($2.354 trillion), and Japan (2.263) The trillions of dollars are ranked 2nd to 5th respectively. Among them, the national brand value of the United States, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom increased by 23%, 26%, 3%, and 8% compared with 2012; on the contrary, the national brand value of Japan decreased by 11% compared with 2012.

Brand Finance evaluates the economic impact of investment, tourism, products, and manpower, and calculates the BSI (Brand Strength Index).

According to the news that the Korean national brand value ranks 16th in the world, Korean netizens have said that “Japan is ranked 5th, I hope we can become a developed country as soon as possible”, “Korean It has a certain impact on the value of Korean national brands. "The first is the United States"

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