2013 Milan Expo Vanke Pavilion Design Introduction

The Vanke Pavilion was designed and built by Daniel · Daniel Libeskind of the Italian architectural firm. The design of the entire Vanke Pavilion is designed to reflect the local customs and Chinese characteristics.
The Vanke Pavilion is adjacent to Lake Arina. The 1,000-square-meter pavilion is like a rising vertical from the east, forming a dynamic vertical landscape. The proportion of music inside and outside, the curved geometry and the sense of fashion create a journey of time and space. The red serpentine pattern hovers up, with a large staircase in the middle wearing white mosaic tiles. The rooftop observation deck at the top offers views of the lake and the nearby Italian pavilion. The pavilion is inlaid with innovative three-dimensional red metallized tiles, designed by Daniel Libeskind and Italian Casalgrande Padana. This geometric ceramic panel not only creates a novel expression pattern, but they also have highly sustainable self-cleaning and air purification properties.

Entering the museum, you will see a cluster of electronic screens hanging on numerous pillars. Multicolored “Media Forest” consists of nearly 300 irregularly placed screens that play 8-10 minutes of video. The film captures the real life segments of ordinary residents in nearly 60 cities in China in the community canteen, vividly interpreting the connotation of the Vanke Pavilion “Building a community with food”.

Through a long multimedia display channel, different content Shown in separate canteens, some show the scenes of dining, celebration and conversation in life, and some show the land and urban style of China, colorful and colorful. These pictures can also be combined to synthesize a volume of simultaneous display. Chinese contemporary designer Han Jiaying gives this picture a new life through bold brushstrokes and folk handwriting. These vivid electronic screens will bring visitors into the picture, making it feel like they are there. After walking through this passage, visitors will deeply understand that this forest is deeply rooted, renewed with new branches, reflecting tradition and continuity, and the characteristics of local characteristics and international connectivity also reflect Vanke’s team culture.

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