12 people died in a flood in Jordan

On the 9th of this month, a storm-induced flood swept through various parts of Jordan. Local roads, buildings, tourist attractions, etc. were damaged to varying degrees, and 12 people have been killed so far.

It can be seen from the picture that the flood is coming, and the mud and water are everywhere, and the roads, farmland and houses are flooded. Local residents said that this is the biggest flood in the country in the past decade, and some areas have a water depth of 4 meters.

The Millennium City has been evacuated by 4,000 tourists in the floods

The ancient city of Petra is located in southern Jordan and is one of Jordan’s most prestigious monuments. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. . After the flood, the ancient city of Petra was seriously damaged and forced to close. Nearly 4,000 tourists were forced to evacuate.

Foreign tourists Lafayette尔⋅ Dorado: At that time, I saw the police on the street, yelling and yelling, “Run, run, run above”. At that time, we all visited the temple. After hearing the shouts, we immediately ran to a higher place. Only then did we find the original dry river, and suddenly there was a huge flood with many rattans and stones. In just three to four minutes, the streets were all drowned.

A long drought in a stormy canyon encounters a mountain torrent

According to Jordanian media reports, due to the lack of vegetation and soil desertification on the local surface, it is easy to form a destructive force due to the sudden drop of heavy rain in a short period of time. Floods; coupled with Jordan’s multi-canyon terrain, mountain torrents and landslides are prone to occur.

Just about 25 kilometers southwest of the capital, Amman, on the 25th of last month. In the area of ​​Main Springs, torrential floods caused heavy rains, resulting in 21 deaths including 13 students and dozens of injuries.

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